Late Fees Movie Reviews

As you may have gathered, we watch a lot of movies but not all are worthy of a Late Fees Podcast discussion. Check out our thoughts on films not covered on the podcast!

Ocean’s 8

As of today’s post, Ocean’s 8 is currently streaming on HBO GO if you are interested in checking it out. Sarah and Chuck watched it, and found that it was a perfectly serviceable heist movie but did itself a disservice in being part of the Oceans’ franchise. Better title – “Pretty Girl Jewelry Heist”. Ocean’s 8 lacked the humor of the prior movies and the pace of the movie was a little slow. The ensemble cast was fine, the acting good, but the movie did not have a villain (sorry, we don’t feel the ex-boyfriend counts) so there was not a strong enough conflict. We do not want to offer any spoilers, as this is a fairly recently released movie – suffice it to say, we found it lacking the charms, tone, and conflict of Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen.