Late Fees Movie Reviews

As you may have gathered, we watch a lot of movies but not all are worthy of a Late Fees Podcast discussion. Check out our thoughts on films not covered on the podcast!

Ocean’s 8

As of today’s post, Ocean’s 8 is currently streaming on HBO GO if you are interested in checking it out. Sarah and Chuck watched it, and found that it was a perfectly serviceable heist movie but did itself a disservice in being part of the Oceans’ franchise. Better title – “Pretty Girl Jewelry Heist”. Ocean’s 8 lacked the humor of the prior movies and the pace of the movie was a little slow. The ensemble cast was fine, the acting good, but the movie did not have a villain (sorry, we don’t feel the ex-boyfriend counts) so there was not a strong enough conflict. We do not want to offer any spoilers, as this is a fairly recently released movie – suffice it to say, we found it lacking the charms, tone, and conflict of Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen.

The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one)

Oh man…where to start? I understand wanting to have a big name attached to the flagship film of the Dark Universe franchise, but this was a hot mess. As a usual fan of Tom Cruise and hater of Russell Crowe, I had the opposite reaction to this film. Crowe’s Henry Jekyll was actually pretty good, but Cruise and the love interest (aka girl constantly in peril) were so uninteresting. If you are trapped in a room and forced to watch it – I guess go ahead? Otherwise, don’t bother.