Ep 20 – Legend

Nicole brings us our first fan request. The email from Jessica put it best: “Hey! Ya’ll like 80s fantasy tropes? Fairies, dwarves, and goblins? How about a fistful of glitter in every frame of the movie? Not convincing? How does a young Tom Cruise running around a forest in short-shorts sound? Still no? Ok, then what you think about Tim-[expletive deleted]-Curry as a sexy giant goat devil man?? And not to mention there’s not just one unicorn, but TWO unicorns!!!”

Fan Mail!

Many thanks to Jessica for writing in and recommending Legend. We can’t watch this masterpiece of 80s fantasy soon enough. If you have a suggestion for us, shoot us an email at latefeespodcast@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Check out this sexy beast!